[knitting] Mille Colori Luxe Neck Warmer

Remember the SWS neck warmer? I didn't give up on making a second one and soon after pulled out two stray balls of Lang Mille Colori (in a nearly identical colorway to the natural navy SWS) from the stash. I knit this neck warmer without any problems:

luxe neck warmer

I used size 7 or 8 needles, make two extra feather and fan repeats, and made it a little longer than the first. I used nearly every inch of the two balls. It only took two days to knit.

I wrapped both SWS and Mille Colori neck warmers up for Christmas and gave them to my sister, saying, "You may keep one." I was planning to keep the one she didn't want- no big deal, right? Apparently it's bad form to give someone a present and then demand half back. My sister didn't care but the guys thought it was the perfect antithesis to gift-giving.

I just wanted her to make an unbiased decision. If I gave her one, but then said, "Or, you know, you can have this one if you want," she'd most likely assume I wanted her to have the one I gave her. Really, I wanted her to have either. But not both. I need to think about my cold neck too.

In the end, she kept the SWS one and I kept the Mille Colori one.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a female thing, because I would totally do something like that, and I wouldn't be offended if someone else did that to me.
Then I'd get the one that I liked :-)