[amy] Crazy and not too bright

Dollar and I went to a large poker game this past Saturday. There were 26 people there and I was the only girl. In preparation for the game, I went to Gemstar Gemstone in Enfield to purchase some lucky stones because I'm crazy like that.

I think I was the 5th or 6th person out. Too bad. My last hand was a pretty large gamble and I was madly petting the stones in my hand, thinking, "I believe in the magic, I believe in the magic..." After I went out, all the guys got really silent like they were waiting for me to start crying. I got some conciliatory beer and spent the rest of the night rooting for Dollar- who won! He won with a pair of twos! I'm happy because this means I get a nice dinner out on the town.

Watching... Season 1 of the Wire.

Cooking... My freezer is a veritable zoo of meat (shrimp, duck, lobster, ostrich, chicken, beef) that I need to figure out something to do with.

Playing... Played Scattegories this past weekend. Simple game, right? I kept messing up! At one point, the letter to use was "M" and the category was "Names from the bible." Thoughts rapidly ran through my head in the following order: 'Mary. No, everyone's going to guess Mary. Jesus. No, everyone's going to pick Jesus. Josepth. Yeah, Joseph." When the time came to reveal your words, things like Moses and Mary were said. I shouted, "Joseph!" while every started at me in awe and pity.

Knitting... I finished the striped Boku scarf. Yes, it had lots of knots in it that had to be cut out, which is why I'm in love with the wet splicing method of joining new yarn. I started a baby hat to bring to a baby shower in a couple weeks. I also want to make some matching mittens and booties. This is actually the first time, in all my four years of knitting, that I've knit baby garments.

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Shelby said...

Yay, Dollar! That's the house rule with Mark and I for poker...always bet on ducks (two's)!! The ducks will abide. :)

Aside from the knots, how did you like the Boku? I used it for a felted bag and I really liked it, once I got it to took a while. I liked that it didn't get mad fuzzy when I felted it, but it did kind of shed a bit during the process. The knots through the skeins were definitely annoying, though.