[knitting] Boku Striped Scarf

Boku Striped Scarf

Pattern: Striped Scarf

Yarn: Plymouth Boku from White River Yarns; two red balls, two blue balls (heh heh)

Needles: US 8

New Techniques Used: Continental knitting made the knit 1, purl 1 ribbing fly by. I think it took me just over a week to knit this scarf. I wound the balls of yarn into cakes before I started to see where the knots were. There were quite a few and spit splicing to join new yarn was awesome- I only had the two ends at the start and two ends at the finish to weave in!

Boku Striped Scarf

This was such a treat to knit. Just two different colorways of yarn give you a scarf that makes it look like you knit it with forty different colors of yarn.

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Shelby said...

oooh...that came out really nice! I guess I have to jump on the Continental bus here at some point. I kind of knit ambidexterously but I don't think I'm doing the same thing as actual Continental...