[knitting] Productivity

I went to the Upper Valley Knitting Guild meeting last week and I was humbled. The little knitting group I'm a part of is like a pick-up game of baseball while the Knitting Guild is like the major league. The meeting was two hours of show-and-tell. The ladies take out projects they've finished since the last meeting and talk about technique, history, what motivated them to make it, what they would do differently next time, etc etc etc.

Galvanized, I finished several projects this weekend:

1. Starsky. The sweater is done. I seamed the arm, weaved in ends and sewed on buttons. I've been wearing it around but it's a little boxy because there is no waist shaping. I'm going to wash and block the sweater to be longer/slimmer.

2. Fisherman's Rib scarf. Done. Not too long. I made a couple swatches as well- one to throw into the washer and see what happens. Right now the yarn feels a little... brittle. I want to wash the scarf so that it fluffs up.

3. Alpaca tam. All done in time for my mother's b-day this week. I actually saw my mom at the grocery store this weekend- I recognized her from behind because of the tam she was wearing.

All that's left unfinished are a pair of socks and the Yoke Pattern Jacket- WHICH I happened start a sleeve on! I picked up stitches along the shoulder and have started to knit down. I've only done about 3 inches so far.

Lots of pictures to come this week.


Anonymous said...

I'm definately curious to see how the fisherman rib scarf comes out... after washing of course:-)
Congrats on all your knitting madness.
I still think I would be intimidated my the major league knitters, butperhaps it would be motivational as well.

Valerie said...

yay, congrats on finishing starsky