[knitting] More socks

Sock knitting is something I constantly have on my #6 and #7 double-pointed needles. I work on them while waiting for coffee to brew or watching Buffy (onto Season 7!). Here's a pair of Lion Brand Wool Ease:

Lion Brand Wool Ease

The color is burgundy with a little golden wheat mixed it. Very pretty. The very first pair of worsted weight socks I knit for Dollar were also Wool Ease. The ribbing around the leg was a little loose and the heel flap was too short. Oops. But the socks have washed and worn great so far.

Next, Plymouth Encore Colorspun:

Encore colorspun socks

I don't know if I'll use this yarn again. See how thick-and-thin the leg of the completed sock is? That's because the yarn (depending on the color) ranged from worsted weight to bulky weight. What's up with that? And the colors on the other sock are slightly different- see how much darker the brown is in the unfinished one? And the yellow band? I checked and the two balls of yarn I used are the same color and the same dye lot. So again- What's up with that?

Next up will be a pair of light brown Cascade 220 superwash. I'm thinking I'd like to do something other than boring 1 x 1 ribbing for the leg. One good thing about the Plymouth Colorspun is that the color changes kept the knitting interesting.


Shelby said...

I wish I could find worsted-weight self-striping for socks. I like stripes...but knitting with fingering weight on size 1's or 2's gets old SO fast.

amy said...

For real, that's why I made the switch. I can crack out a pair in a week or two with worsted-weight yarn. My fingering-weight socks took months. Maybe we can look for self-striping worsted-weight at Webs this weekend.