[knitting] Dice Pouch

I knit a medium dice pouch this weekend (loosely following this pattern).

dice pouch

No dice inside. Instead, it's Halloween candy!

dice pouch

Here's the thing about this yarn. In a skein it's not so pretty:


But wound into a ball, it gets more interesting:


The yarn is Atacama by Araucania. It's 100% alpaca and so soft with a pretty halo. It's also a little splitty and wouldn't cooperate with my little i-cord machine. I had to knit the i-cord by hand. I made the pouch on Sunday and spent Sunday evening admiring and petting the bag.

I'm making another one with Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort. While the Cotton Comfort (20% cotton, 80% wool) has a pretty tweed look, it feels SO DRY in my hands. I might soak the finished object in conditioner-laden water once I'm done.

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Shelby said...

So cute! And festive!! You could make little jack-o-lantern ones out of orange and black, with green at the top for the stem!!

Yes, I am sick with Halloween fever. I made whoopee pies last night w/ orange icing in them. I need help...lol