[amy] October!

Well, I got my hands on something I'm allergic to. I've got one bad hand and one "Oh my god, get that thing away from me, you Monster!" hand. Clearly I can still type (my fingers are okay from the 2nd knuckle up) which means I still get to come to work. Yea. Anyway, I saw a doctor about this last week. I'm hoping for a miraculously rapid recovery because I currently can't cook or knit. So I've been spending my time (a) applying cream, (b) watching Buffy, and (c) whimpering to Dollar in the hopes that he'll coddle me. No such luck.

But what about the Megadeth concert this past Saturday? Did we go? Yes. I wasn't too into it because of my hands but we motivated and drove down to Hampton Beach, NH. I tried clapping with just my fingertips but gave that up and just starting throwing up the devil horns instead. The show was good.

So it's October and what are the plans for this month? This weekend is my birthday and I'm taking a long weekend. I'm thinking a hike up Gile Mt., a day trip to the Great Vermont Corn Maze, maybe a trip to Northampton, MA (for Webs and Korean food store). Later on this month is my sister's birthday. Halloween is at the end of the month. I'm sure between now and then I'll do some apple picking and pumpkin carving.


Shelby said...

This weekend is Apples & Crafts down in Springfield, too...w00t! If the weather cooperates, I'm going to be there as a vendor with my aunt, selling felted bags. Should be fun!

Happy birthday in advance, and good luck with the rash.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!Is Dollar going to take you to one of the chain restaurants where they chant the Happy Happy Birthday? ;-p

Thanks for sending the good "finish sock" vibes, I casted off on my pair last night!