[amy] Getting back to normal

I went to see a dermatologist yesterday about my hands. She wasn't really any help and seemed more interested in typing on her laptop. Is this the way doctors in hospitals are now? They don't look at you or your affliction, they just ask about it and type it? Whatever.

My hands are at a point now where I can knit again. After almost a week (!!!!) of no knitting, I caught up on some socks, finished my mother's bamboo tam, finished the secret lace thing, and worked more on a round petal dishcloth.

I was planning to do even more knitting but saw Dollar watching Knocked Up. I have much love for Freaks & Geeks, so after seeing what Martin Starr looked like in the film and exclaiming, "Holy S**t! That's Haverchuck!", I had to watch too. It's hilarious- if you like sexist, potty humor. Which I do, so it worked out pretty well.


Amanda said...

Ekkk, so sorry about your hands! I have eczema flair ups every spring and fall on my hands so I know how you feel. Lotions with tea tree oil work wonders for me if you happen to have the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I loved that movie!!
Except, well I saw it in the theatre, (a real theater, not like the ones around here...)so the birthing scene... yeah not so much the part I want to see in extra big screen!