[amy] Loooooooong weekend

Whew, what a nice long weekend. It was my birthday and I took a 4-day mini vacation. I spent the weekend knitting up a pair of wool clogs to felt. It was a fast, easy knit. I've got the bottoms to sew up and ends to weave in.

I got to open my birthday presents from Dollar at midnight on Friday and he get me the most perfect gifts ever. It's nice to know that he listens to what I say and remembers. Awwww. My sister and her boyfriend got me cooking stuff, which will be put to good use.

We went to the Great Vermont Corn Maze on Saturday. It was a little rainy but the maze was still fun. For Dollar. Since he was the only one that made it out on his own. I got hints/cheats from a guy who worked there. Barbara and her boyfriend ended up taking an emergency exit out.

Saturday night we had the most awful dining experience at a local restaurant. We're never going back there. They made us feel like they REALLY didn't give a shit about seating us EVER. It was my birthday dinner, so my mom was trying to keep it positive ("Don't let the stupid hostess ruin your birthday, sweetie.") but none us had a good time. I can make just as good Italian food at home and I'm not going to treat my dinner guests like they're pieces of shit.

The rest of the weekend was doing a little of this and a little of that around the house. Dollar did a moving project and made his old room the new bedroom and the old bedroom the gaming/lounge room. Which I suppose is better because now there's no more of me angrily huffing and rolling around in bed (trying to sleep) while he click-clack-clackclackclack's away on Guitar Hero.

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