[knitting] To joke or not to joke

Finished the cable ones:

I'm getting better at these worsted-weight socks. I can do them, from cast on to cast off, without the pattern. These cables were a bad idea, though. The socks ended up quite TIGHT. I put one on and it looks like I'm wearing a woolen cast. Dollar says he likes them a lot but has yet to put them both on. During the knitting process I had him try one on and it was like watching someone try to pull a balloon over an apple. Now I'm just waiting to hear the horrific sound of yarn snapping and breaking.

Dollar's step father has admired the socks I've knit and jokingly asked for a pair at a recent dinner. He did a woodworking favor for me a while back and I decided socks are probably in order. From what I hear the man has ridiculously small feet but I've got to go over and measure to be sure. Here's the start (back to 1x1 ribbing):

I suppose they could always be joke socks: normal leg but 3 inch feet. It would be funny but not functional. Why spend all the time knitting them if the recipient won't be able to wear them?


Kelly said...

I've had some issues with tight fitting socks. I hope it works out ok!

alltangledup said...

i love the idea od joke socks, but why spend all that time and effort for something that the recipient can't use? If you want to do joky ones, make him a pair of baby socks