[cooking] Potato and Leek Soup

This recipe with my own modifications.


8 potatoes, peeled and chopped
Enough chicken stock (or water plus bouillon/paste) to cover potatoes

2 tablespoons butter
3 well-washed leeks, trimmed to mostly white, sliced
1 garlic clove, finely minced
1 ham steak, sliced

1 cup heavy cream

Salt and Pepper to taste


1. In a large saucepan or stockpot, bring potatoes and chicken broth to a boil. Cook until potatoes are tender. Meanwhile, melt butter in another pan. Saute leeks until soft. Add garlic. Add ham. Stir.

2. When the potatoes are tender, stir in the fried leeks, ham and heavy cream. Stir to blend and remove from heat. Serve hot.


Mind the leeks, they can be dirty. I cut off the beard on the bottom and green stalks above, leaving only the white/minty-colored body. I slice each in half lengthwise, wash, then cut across the body making little C-shaped slices.

The original recipe called for bacon, which I didn't happen to have on hand. I had a ham steak and cut it into elogated slices.

I hardly ever have chicken stock in the cupboard. Instead, I have a pint of chicken paste in the fridge (MSG-free, like Redi-Base) that I add a tablespoon or two of to HOT water (wait until the potatoes are boiling) to make stock. Easy. I think bouillon cubes tend to have MSG, but I'm not certain.

This is a soupy soup, not a chowder. Mix some flour into melted butter and stir the mixture into the soup if you want to thicken it up. But why ruin this soup? The chicken-stocky-milky-buttery taste was delicious.

How to prep leeks. Awesome! This is how I do it except that I do completely finish the long cut.

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