[cooking] Recently

Maple Cheesecake: I don't have a 10" springform pan. I made the batter and poured into two store bought pie crusts. I adjusted the cooking time to 30 minutes for each. The filling didn't really set and ended up rather custardy (someone said it was like creme brulee). The taste was good but it didn't have that cheesecake texture. Dollar and I had a couple tastes, then I gave the rest away.

Teriyaki burgers: more like Teriyaki mush. I didn't broil the burgers, but rather cooked them on the stove top, in my trusty non-stick pan. They looked and smelled good but tasted... soft. Ugh. Gotta find a way to get the patties up and away from all the fat and juices that are rendered.

From King Arthur Flour's online baking classes: Bread from the Hearth. I took a stab at the baguettes. Mine turned out like super-sized breadsticks. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but really more trouble than they were worth. I've got to find a bread recipe that Dollar can make because he said he would become the designated bread baker.


Shelby said...

Maybe if you try the burgers again this summer on the grill? You might get a better result? Or maybe one of those little Forman Grill thingies?

And...I love to make bread, but my loaves always come out these weird stunted and retarded shapes...*laughs*

Anonymous said...

I recenlty received a "batch" of Amish Friendship bread starter and in 9 days I have to divide & pass along the dough.... would you like some?

amy said...

Yes. Please!