[gardening] Labor Day weeding/planting

Hope everyone had a nice, long Labor Day weekend. I spent Saturday doing a day trip to Hmart with my mom, sister and niece. Sunday was spent weeding the new lower flower bed. By "weeding", I mean pulling out waist-high weeds so thick, it was easier to start ripping out the roots and roll the weeds up like you're rolling up sod. I pretty much ignored the bed all summer and the weeds were the only thing you could see. I should have taken a before picture but here it is after:

Might still look sparse but it's loaded with so many different things. 2 forsythia shrubs, 4 different daylilies, 5 different iris, mint, 3 different sedum, 2 dianthus, creeping phlox, hardy geranium, lambs ears, Japanese anemone, creeping thyme, daisies,

My MO is to do all my spring gardening during the week of Memorial Day, ignore everything all summer (because bugs and heat), then clean things up and do divisions (and fall plantings) during Labor Day. Next year I need to remind myself how much it sucked spending 4 solid hours doing aggressive weeding in one flower bed.

Speaking of flower "beds", here's the flower bed bed on June 4 (freshly planted):

The flower bed is planted. I'm calling this area Done. Dunny Done-zo McDunnerson.

July 2:

The flower bed bed is filling in nicely.

September 5:

The bed is still blooming.

Marigolds, planted on Memorial Day, are still blooming:

I'll never get tired of marigolds. Put these in on Memorial Day; still blooming on Labor Day.

Purple Bee Balm:

Got this purple bee balm at the Hanover Garden Club sale this spring. Looks like I'll get a few blooms but it looks like the plant is suffering from some powdery mildew or something.

I bought this as a very small plant at the Hanover Garden Club sale this spring. It has done well, despite the drought, and it looks like I'll even get some blooms this year. I've noticed some powdery mildew on the leaves, which is a byproduct of the dryness.

Stonecrop sedum has started to bloom:

Stonecrop sedum flowering. Something came through and munched several heads. Prob not deer, maybe an insect infestation I missed. I've been ignoring this flowerbed all summer and spent 4 hours yesterday weeding a legit jungle of weeds out of here.

One Bells of Ireland plant has grown from the seeds I threw down:

One Bells of Ireland plant made it. I'm just going to let it go to seed and hope I get some volunteers to come back next year.

I'm going to just let it go to seed and hope I get some volunteers next year.

I divided up my blanket flower in front of the house (this divided really easily) and added some to this flowerbed. I added some new bulbs (marked with orange flags in the top picture)- fritillaria, allium, iris, anemone. And a couple asters (one purple, one blue) for late summer color. And I put in lots of little mums:

Dug up the old, dying line of Sweet William (RIP 😭) and put in tiny little mums. They are the line 2nd from the front. They were <$2 each and 5 different colors. Still plenty of growing time left for mums!

They are the line 2nd from the front. I've seen some pots of well established mums for $15 each (large) or 3 for $12 (medium). These little ones were $1.30 each and there were 5 colors available. So I got three of each color, 15 plants total, for less than $20. Since I put them in on Labor Day, there's still plenty of growing time for them- mum still thrive by Halloween (as long winter doesn't arrive early). So I think this was a pretty thrifty decision.

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