[knitting] Baby PomPom Hat

The night before the first day of the fair, I saw that the weather was going to be cool- high of 66! So I through my handspun stash to make a quick baby hat:

Stuff dropped off at the fair! Gonna speed knit a bulky hat for my niece, it's gonna be chilly tomorrow. Should be able to do it while we watch Captain America Civil Waaaaaaar!

This is bulky weight handspun that I spun at the Tunbridge Fair 2 years ago, when I volunteered to do a spinning demonstration outside the sheep barn. So I thought it was nice to use for my niece's first visit to the fair.


D'awww. Finished the hat last night, made the pompoms this morning. Yarn is handspun I made doing a spinning demonstration at the Tunbridge Fair two years ago. #knitting #handspun #babyknitting

No pattern. I just cast on 48 st, work 2x2 ribbing for an inch, work plain intil 6 inches in length, kitchener the top closed, add pompoms to the corners. I made a bulky handspun hat for Dollar's niece years ago and it was so cute on. Here's the recipient in hers:

Ripley tried on the hat but the weather was too nice to keep it on.

So. Cute. It only takes a couple hours to make. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the sun was shining all day and it was too warm to wear the hat for more than a few pictures. But winter is coming...

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