[gardening] Hello, autumn

We had a hard frost at the house the past two mornings. I've started sleeping with a light down blanket under the cotton one I use in the summer. Penny has started tapping me to get under the covers to sleep. I've seriously considered turning on the heat in the house. So, yeah. Fall is here.

Hard frost the past two mornings.

Saturday morning I went down to Dartmouth at 8am to see the blooming corpse flower (amorphallus titanum):

Went to see the blooming corpse flower "Monty" at Dartmouth this morning. And it does smell that bad. πŸŒΊπŸ˜©πŸ˜«πŸ˜– #corpseflower

The species, native to Indonesia, is the largest flower in the world and only blooms about every 6 years. There was a line of about 30 people and they would only let groups of 8 people in at a time. It smelled terrible. Kind of like rotten fish to me but you kind of get used to it after a while. I took my pictures and left.

Back at home, I walked around to see what was still blooming:


Butterfly weed.

A few daylilies still going πŸ’›

Tiny mums.

The Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend and I can't wait! I signed up for 2-day class on how to process raw fleece. I also cashed my Tunbridge Fair winnings and a bowl of spare change at home for Festival spending money. I've been (fairly) good about only buying yarn at Festivals rather than online, so I can't wait to buy new stuff!

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