[misc] Penny Monday

Poor Penny went to the vet on Saturday for her annual exam and shots. I know she has a terrible time traveling but I always forget to either (a) give her a sedative, or (b) spray the carrier with Feliway ahead of time. We made it as far as the end of the driveway before I seriously considered turning around and giving up. It was an ordeal but we made it it down and back. On the way home, Penny looks completely delighted:

Penny coming home from the vet.

She's actually in the middle of freaking out- meowing and panting. (Those are treats next to her in the carrier, by the way. Not poops.)

I have to keep the carrier door open in the car- otherwise she picks and picks at the door and ventilation holes to the point of shredding her nails and bloodying her paws. It's easier to let her roam around the car, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Anyway, once we were back home (Penny had water from canned tuna and was back to normal) I showed Dollar one of the pictures of her. He asked for my phone and searched for a picture of the Fireys from the movie Labyrinth. He found one that looked so much like her, I had to do a split screen of them side-by-side.

Penny | Firey

Perfect. I guess Dollar was right- her face does look like one of the Fireys.

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