[knitting] Ball winding

Having a ball winding party. I got a sack of nearly 50 skeins of yarn this past fall from Craigslist. The yarn is a discontinued cotton/llama blend from Plymouth Yarns. I wound 8 skeins for a project using my usual ball winder.

Winding lots of new yarn.

Then I took out my massive ball winder to handle three 8oz skeins of a bulky boucle cotton. You can see how much larger it is than my regular blue one.

Two ball winders


Winding yarn

After all three skeins (1.5 lbs of yarn!) have been wound. Penny inspects my work.

Natural boucle cotton

I knit little swatches and machine washed/dried all the newly wound yarn, to make sure that it would work for the projects that I have in mind. 

I don't use the extra-larger winder much and it was pricey but I'm glad to have it. It's used rarely- and once I do bring it out, I'm so temped to wind every single skein I have larger than 4 oz- but it's worth it for time saved. I can wind 8oz in 5 minutes, rather than winding a ball by hand, which would be at least 30 min (to an hour- because tangles, they happen).

I'm traveling to Pawtucket, RI this weekend for a knitting retreat at Slater Mill. Looking forward to the classes and some (light... I hope) shopping. I come back on Sunday and since Monday is a fed holiday, I still get to have a bit of a weekend at home. I just need to sort out travel knitting and class supplies to bring.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have one ball winder and swift and it's a bit of a job to set them when I do, I make sure I'm winding several things...enjoy the's less then 2 hours away for me....maybe next year...