[knitting] Knitter's Pride Marblz

For Christmas, Dollar gave me a set of Knitter's Pride Marblz double-pointed needles. These needles are acrylic and each size is a different marbled color. I've already used the US 5 size for a couple different projects.

Marblz US 5

The tips are nice and pointy. They're light. The needles are a little flexible, which was a pleasant surprise. I like them very much. Plus, it's just so fun to work with crazy-colored needles.

Here's one of each size from the set: US 4 - US 9

Knitter's Pride Marblz

After using the US 5 a bit, you can see that the text is wearing off but that's where each size being a different color comes in handy. I do feel some squeakiness depending on the yarn I'm using or how tightly I'm knitting but I didn't experience any kind of drag. Stitches slide across the needles easily.

I'm in the market to upgrade my wooden single-pointed needles. I have all the sizes of Clover bamboos that are a decade old by now. Well-used but blunt. A set of wooden Knitter's Pride Dreamz are calling to me...

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