[misc] Santana Thursday

Santana looking so cute yesterday afternoon.


I started digging through all the pictures/paintings/posters that I want to hang around the house. I found these two, painted by Dollar's step-grandfather a looooong time ago. They are the same scene but a little different from one another:

Spot the difference

So I can do two things. Hang them in separate rooms and then perhaps observant visitors will say, "Wait- didn't I see that same painting in another room?" Or hang them together as a spot-the-difference game. I'm more inclined to do that latter, I think, because it's more engaging.


cristina said...

Santana is a beauty! :))

amy said...

Thank you so much. I can't believe what a sweet kitty she now is when I think back to what she was like when we first adopted her. Time and patience heals all wounds.