[knitting] Niagara Mittens

A new pair of long mittens that fit me like a glove mitten:

Niagara Mittens

I was going to make a simple pair of arm warmers (just 40 stitch stockinette tubes) but changed my mind and decided on mittens once I was four or five inches in. Hence the loooong cuffs.

The yarn is my handspun. I purchased the fiber at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario a couple years ago:


And spun it into two chain-plied skeins:

Handspun yarn

I had enough yarn leftover to knit a quick little drawstring pouch- need to do a little finishing on that before taking a picture.

For Christmas I received a set of acrylic Knitter's Pride Marblz double-pointed needles and made these mittens on the US 5 set. I've never knit with acrylic needles before and I really, really like these needles. Smooth, pointy and slightly flexible- easy to work with. And the needles are so pretty. I think I need to take pictures and do a post on them.

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