[knitting] Not-so-simple Garter Stitch Slippers

Looking for something easy to work on, I recently fell in love with a pattern for Simple Garter Stitch Slippers (Rav link). 

Simple garter stitch slippers

The premise is pretty simple- knit a garter stitch rectangle, decrease for the toes, close the toe, close the heel, crochet the top of the foot closed and around the ankle. Voila. 

But I thought "How can I made this, like, SO much harder and tedious?" I wanted to use leftover sock yarn in the stash (gray) and add contrasting stripes periodically.

Simple garter stitch slippers

The pair are fraternal twins. As I started to run out of gray, I had to stagger the two colors every other garter ridge (you can see this at the toe on my right slipper). I also used the contrasting color to kitchener the heel closed (I opted for a provisional cast on):

Simple garter stitch slippers

So basically I had about 4000 ends to weave in at the end of the project. I just looooove making more work for myself.

I like the slippers. The angora yarn I used for the crochet trim is a nice, different texture. I am making another pair because the pattern is truly simple, I just made it in an annoying way for this pair. For the new pair, I'm using a new ball of sock yarn, held double. No provisional cast on- not necessary. I just left a long enough tail when casting on to sew the heel closed. To close the toe, I didn't work the last 4 stitches so that when they're rearranged onto 2 dpns, I kitchenered it closed. One slipper is done (sans the crochet border) and I had 2 ends to weave in. Finally, simplicity!

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