[cooking] Heirloom Apples!

Last weekend I went to Poverty Lane to pick more apples. Just when I had finally finished all the McIntosh and Cortland apples that I picked in September, I went back to get more. Their Heirloom Orchard was open for the season and that's were you can get lots of different, rare, interesting apples. I printed off the handy PDF list and went on a beautiful fall day:

Foliage at Poverty Lane

The apple list indicates the variety name, tree number and whether or not it's appropriate for eating, cooking, cider, etc. I really only wanted to pick good eating/cooking apples. If I saw a tree that looked good, I picked a little apple of to eat and see if I liked it. Some apples were so interesting- I swear one kind tasted like vanilla!

Heirloom Apple Picking

I brought all kinds of paper lunch bags and a marker, to keep the different kinds of apples separate. Back at home, I still put them into a bowl together.


The little Wicksons in the middle are so tasty. The gold ones on the left have a rough skin and are called Hudson's Golden Gem. The weird shaped ones on the right are called Calville Blanc d'hiver.

I tried a couple small Pomme Grise with a new Cabot cheese:

Cheese and apples

It's hard to get tired of apples with all these varieties!

I wanted to cook with apples last night for supper. I took out some frozen puff pastry shells (the box had been in the freezer for nearly a year, oops). I made a simple filling of sauteed bacon, shallots and apple. Off the heat, I mixed in some crumbled Jasper Hill blue cheese. I baked the shells, spooned in the filling and baked a bit longer. 

Appetizers for supper

Appetizers for supper because I'm gangster. Actually, it was good I tested this out in case I want to do it again for a party. The apples that I used were soooo sweet that it balanced with the salty bacon and rich blue cheese. If I had used a more tart apple, I might have added a drizzle of honey or maple syrup to the filling (I love blue cheese with honey). 

Dollar doesn't dig blue cheese so he had a ham, apple, melted cheddar sandwich. I'm definitely looking for more savory ways to use apples. I've made two apple pies and an apple crisp this fall and I'm kind of over apple desserts. Until Thanksgiving.

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