[cooking] Shakshuka

I'm in love with shakshuka. I don't know why I don't make it more- it's so tasty and inexpensive.


Sautéed onions in olive oil. Added the last of the peppers from the garden: three banana peppers, a jalapeño and bell pepper. Add chopped garlic. Cumin and coriander. Diced tomatoes. Salt. Taste. Eggs to poach. Serve with bread (I would have preferred softer naan but I had a loaf from King Arthur Flour that I needed to kill). Easy.


What's not to like- warm bread dipped in and smeared with runny eggs and tomato-y peppers. You can always add feta cheese to make it a more substantial meal but I really don't feel like this needed it. As long as you have enough bread. 

Three day weekend, here I come!

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