[crochet] Sophie's Universe: Need more yarn

Still crocheting Sophie's Universe. I got up from the couch for one minute and came back to:

I get up for one minute.

I'm quickly running out of yarn. I'm using single-ply worsted weight wool (or wool blend) and the basket I have of the appropriate type is quickly dwindling. I've used Lamb's Pride worsted weight, Malabrigo merino, Manos del Uruguay Classica, etc. I've put up a trade post in the ISO/Destash group on Ravelry- asking for any yarn of this type (no variegated colorways). I will trade my handspun yarn, spinning fiber, commercial yarn that I have. No nibbles yet. I also found some Lamb's Pride that users are selling on Rav and sent inquiries, but after a bit more digging- the people I asked posted them for sale literally years ago. So, who knows if they're still on Rav.

If there are any readers here who have yarn of this type (full or partial skeins)- I will barter with you. Leave a comment and let me know!

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Hannah said...

Hey, Amy. I'm pretty sure I have some single ply wool in my stash. I'll look tonight. And no need to trade, the laugh I got looking at Santana in her banana was payment enough. Please make more cat hats, and definitely make a calendar! You could sell it to raise money for the Humane Society or something. I'd buy one!