[crochet] Sophie's Universe: Part 4

I finished Part 3 of Sophie's Universe back in April and set aside the project for Sock Madness. Then summer happened. Now that the weather is cooling off, I picked the project back up and squared-up the circle over the holiday weekend:

Squaring up my circle

I particularly like the colors I used for the corner flowers- they look like sunflowers!

Sunflower corner

The one yarn requirement for this blanket is worsted-weight single ply wool (or wool blend) from my stash. No buying yarn. Which means I can't be too picky about colors. So far I've used:

- Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair
- Malabrigo worsted
- Manos del Uruguay
- Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted (found a cache of unused skeins in a box above a bookcase! WOOOOOO!!)
- Harrisville Designs Orchid with Cashmere
- Harrisville Designs Flax & Wool Blend
- Navajo-Churro wool from local farm
- Mystery bag of wool from Senior Center

I'm on to Chart 5 and it's getting hard to complete a round without running out of the color I'm using. So I'll just keep going and add/use what colors I have. I will not buy more yarn.* 

The project is getting big and heavy. The cats are circling it like sharks smelling blood in the water:

The cats want the blanket. Now.

Penny's the worst. She has heat-seeking vision like a Predator. If I have this on my lap, she'll drop out of nowhere and try to get on it. If I'm lucky, I can put her under the blanket and continue to work on it on top of her while she purrs.

*I might buy more yarn.

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