[cooking] Guinness Ice Cream

Guinness ice cream. #stouttreat #beerfloat

Used this recipe as a guide.

3 cups of Guinness (this is 1.5 cans), reduced to a little more than 1 cup

3 egg yolks
1 cup sugar

1 cup milk

2 cups heavy cream
2.5 tablespoons molasses

I brought the Guinness to a boil and simmered to reduce it to about 1 cup. The more you reduce the better- my ice cream was still quite soft after I finished making it in the ice cream maker. Not sure if this was residual alcohol inhibiting some of the freezing or just too much liquid, but I wouldn't skimp on reducing the Guinness. 

In my stand mixer, I mixed 3 egg yolks and gradually added the sugar. Then the milk. Then I slowly poured in the Guinness. The Guinness was still a little hot/steamy and I was worried that it would cook the yolks, but adding cold milk kept the temperature of everything in the bowl from rising too much. I just wouldn't add all the Guinness at once if it's still quite hot.

Then I added the heavy cream and molasses. Put it into the fridge for about an hour and then made it in the ice cream maker. The molasses taste of the finished ice cream was very up-front for me, so I think I might only add 2 tablespoons next time I make this.

This ice cream is goooooood. It does taste like Guinness. 

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