[knitting] Tiara-lly Biased

Finished a cowl:

Tiarally Biased

Pattern: Totally Biased (rav link)

Yarn: Fame Trend Paljett by Marks & Kattens

Needles: US 8

The pattern is called "Totally Biased" because you create a biased shape- you increase one stitch at the start of the row and decrease one stitch at the end, to grow the fabric diagonally. This type of fabric doesn't roll at the edges, which is nice.

I was working on this project while waiting for my car to be serviced; when one of the guys came out to talk to me about work that my car needed, he saw me knitting something. As he approached, he joked, "Are you making me a sweater?" Once he got close and saw the project more closely, he blurted out the word "Tiara" for some reason. It was funny. I said, "I hope you like sparkly sweaters!" Anyway. Tiara. It felt so right, I call this cowl Tiara-lly Biased.

So I provisionally cast-on 80 stitches. Worked until nearly all the yarn was gone, then grafted the two ends closed. The grafted row is nearly invisible but you can see where it is- it's the one area between two purl ridges that is wider than all the others:

Tiarally Biased

It's not noticeable when I'm wearing it.

Hey, you remember that feeling of utter frustration when you were a kid, when you'd lay in bed kicking the mattress with your heels and scream-crying to the point to hyperventilating? If you'd ever like to achieve that again, trying grafting closed 80 stitches with yarn strung with sequins. This project was so easy to knit but it was a nightmare to graft. 

Let's think about closing these 80 stitches. There's 80 at either end, so that's 160 stitches. And you're going through each one twice, with a needle threaded with yarn, so that's like working 320 stitches. 

Imagine you have 300 yards of rope and every 30 yards is a tire tied to the rope. That's 10 tires. Imagine pulling that entire length of rope through a manhole. By the way, the tires are only just smaller than the width of the manholes. Now pull all that rope through 320 manholes with every single tire getting stuck at every single manhole opening.

After I closed the first five stitches, I wanted to get up and kick a hole in the wall. I even thought, "I'll just wear it as a scarf. I don't need to close it." It took me HOURS to calmly and carefully and evenly graft this thing closed.

I'm so glad I persevered, I love this cowl. It's light, it's sparkly, it's just my taste. This is definitely a ME-ME-ME project; no way I'm giving it away. I honestly don't mind grafting- I plan on doing this pattern again. But I will NOT be doing it with beaded yarn or sequined yarn or yarn that has anything attached. Ever. Ever again.

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