[knitting] Althea

I recently completed a test knit:

Althea Shawl

Pattern: Althea (rav link)

Yarn: Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham (80% alpaca, 20% silk), 2 skeins.

Needles: US 5 (3.75mm)

Look at that shawl. I love that I can make something so pretty for less that $20 in materials. The pattern is really easy to memorize (only 2 rows to remember once you establish the main body).

The only modification I made was to make part of the bell/wedge of the border in garter stitch, rather than in stockinette as written. Stockinette edges roll up on me and I wanted the edge to stay flat:

Althea Shawl

I got the idea from the two heaven shawls I've made. Some people don't like the garter edge, but I do. This mod for Althea was a little tricky at first because I had to remember where to knit and where to purl in order to still keep that stockinette point that comes down. I knit the yarn-overs on the wrong side as well.

Anyway this is a good little shawl and it's gone- gifted to my mom for mother's day.

I'm leaving the free pattern testers group on Ravelry. The mods can be a little... uptight. They're only following the established rules but the whole thing was a little too tense for me. You need to finish by a certain date (I was the last to finish because that's how I roll) and give updates every week. If you don't give an update, you're called out... I don't know, I just felt hassled, man. I'd rather just knit what I want when the mood strikes.

Uh... Having said that... I still haven't finished my handspun fan shawl that I wanted to finish by the end of March. So... Yeah.


Sara said...

That is a beautiful shawl. I love to do either garter or seed stitch instead of stockinette. I hate it when it rolls up. Less than $20.00 - that's really good...

I don't understand the need to have all these deadlines when you are testing a pattern...I would think that they would want to know how you enjoyed the pattern and the end result. Why get all out of shape and call people out...

I've decided that I'm not doing anything else this year that requires a deadline...

gayle said...

It's beautiful!
I wouldn't even try to be a test-knitter on a deadline. I'm famous for being late...