[misc] RIP Lost

Finished the series finale of Lost this week. My sister and her bf were coming down to watch it and I printed off some personalized Oceanic 815 boarding passes that had our names on them:

Oceanic 815 Tickets

The ending was a little confusing, but that's to be expected from this show.

Dollar and I are flying to Cleveland in a couple days. Maybe we'll be transported to a magical island in the middle of Lake Erie. That would be... not as awesome as Lost.


Ren said...

So far this year and last year I've had to say goodbye to a few "old friends" on TV. I will miss Lost for sure. 24 also ended last week. Both shows were pivotal in defining a cinematic mood and feel on ordinary television. I was also sad to lose Boston Legal last year. I don't really watch a lot of TV, actually--I just choose engaging shows carefully, and then enjoy.

gayle said...

Love the boarding passes.
I need to catch up on Lost. I think I got stranded somewhere in Season 5.