[embroidery] Drums and Snake

Seems like I only mess around with embroidery once a year when a bad heat wave hits and I can't stand the feeling of yarn in my hands. Last summer I prepped new handkerchiefs for Dollar and just finished two this past weekend:

New embroidered cloths

The cloths were really stiff but a machine wash/dry really softened them.

I did some more iron-ons (a speaker, a cassette tape, flames and a metal guitar) and I'm trying some stitches: french knots (finally "got it" on how to do these), satin stitch, split stitch, blanket stitch.

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Shelby said...

those came out awesome! I've been thinking about getting back into embroidery for a little bit, too. I used to do it all the time when I was younger and I really enjoyed it.