[embroidery] When it's too hot to knit...

More than a year ago I embroidered some cloths for Dollar. He is still using them and they've held up well to many machine washings. I ordered some more tea towels from the Sublime Stitching website, thinking they would be the same thin, soft towels that came in the kit. The ones I got were VERY large and made of thicker material.

I unfolded one of the towels, showed Dollar and asked what he thought. He said "They're nice... But I think if they were half that size, they would be perfect. I can't really fold up that huge thing and stuff it in my pocket." I eyed my sister's sewing machine, sitting in a cardboard box in a corner of my dining room for more than a year.

I took it out and took it apart. I read through the instruction manual on how to clean out the lint and where to oil it. I somehow managed to put it back together...


I cut the tea towels. Here they are post-cutting. (Yes, they were too huge to begin with)...


I folded and ironed the cut edge:


And sewed it!


I sewed it! OMGWTFBBQFTW! I never sew. It's just a straight line, but seriously... I'm so proud of it.

I even got out the seam ripper to rip out the pink tags (which I'm guessing Dollar doesn't want) and sew the seam closed again.


I showed Dollar all the iron-on transfers I have and had him pick out what he liked best. Drums, of course...


And I started a snake...


The big win here is that I'm no longer terrified of the sewing machine. Wary of it, sure, but not terrified.


Sara said... are not afraid of the sewing machine...that's great.

I like that you are making those for $...that is really sweet. But, what is really sweeter is that he likes and uses them!

gayle said...

The sewing machine is your friend - just spend some time getting to know it! 8)