[crochet] Flower Dishcloth

This flower is technically unfinished but I like it as is.

Flower Dishcloth

I tried to make this Gehäkelter Topflappen but I don't read/speak German (besides "Sprechen sie Englisch?" and "Ein Hefeweizen, bitte.")

For those of us who don't sprechen sie deutsche, someone posted a very nice photo tutorial on how to make the flowers.

Using her pictures as a guide, I made the flower okay but I could not get the contrasting color for the border to chain down between the petals correctly.

Bernat has a similar pattern called Chrysanthemum Dishcloth (rav link- pattern is free at Bernat but you need to join to the free patterns) but it doesn't look quite that same to me... it seems more frilly and they do the tips of the petals in the contrasting color. BUT... it IS in English so that good.

I did order some Elann Sonata recently and I think the smooth, mercerized cotton, chain plied, dk-weight will be better suited to this pattern. I think I may have made a mistake using my cotton workhorse: sugar 'n cream. Besides the Tunisian crochet dishcloths that I just did, I haven't had much luck crocheting with sugar 'n cream- I think it's better suited to knitting.

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gayle said...

You know, your dishcloths are way too pretty to use for washing dishes...