[weaving] First strip

I finally took my first weaving project off the loom and tied fringe.

Here's how my weaving looked at first:

First weave

Messy edges, uneven beating, skipped warps.

And at the end of many hours of practice:


Side by side:

Start and end

The whole thing. While my warp wasn't many strands (not very wide), it was very long. So I just kept going. I used odds and ends from my stash, trying different fibers, colors and thicknesses.

First weaving sample

I need to working on my finishing technique. I didn't hemstitch the ends, which prepares the ends of the project for fringe. My fringe here is messy and uneven because I just wanted to get it off the loom.

Tonight I'll warp for my next project: a scarf.

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gayle said...

That's really a cool way to watch your skills grow!
Are you enjoying weaving as much as spinning? It looks like it could be as relaxing and meditative.