[cooking] Chocolate Chip Cookie Face

I made chocolate chip cookies this weekend. I went to eat one and saw this face half-smiling at me:

Cookie face

I can't eat you when you're giving me that wry expression! I had to put the cookie away and choose one that had no physiognomy.

I have my chocolate-chip cookie making down to a precise science. I follow this recipe (omitting the grated chocolate and nuts). For hardware, I use 2 half sheet pans from King Arthur Flour, 2 Silpat mats and 1 Oxo Good Grips medium cookie scoop. I love the scoop because all the cookies are uniformly shaped and the recipe makes enough for 24 scoops. Exactly. Each baking sheet gets 12 scoops. Exactly. There is never a wimpy half scoop at the end or extra left over. The ingredients and scoop come together like magic.

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gayle said...

Awwwwww - what a cute cookie. First time I ever saw a cookie that looks like it had a personality...
Scoops are the best thing ever for baking. I use an ice cream scoop for making muffins - they come out more uniform in size.