[movies] Let the summer movies begin...

In my mind, summer movie season began this past weekend with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was a good origin story and Liev Schreiber played Sabretooth really well. The writers took some liberties with Sabretooth and Wolverine's relationship (they are brothers in the movie, rather than father and son like in the comics). There are lots of other characters that appear in the movie (Agent Zero, Bolt, Gambit, The Blob, Kestrel, Deadpool, Silverfox, Cyclops, Emma Frost) but only in a few scenes, lasting only a few minutes. I hope to see more of them in future movies.

Next up in the coming weeks: Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation.


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gayle said...

My husband has been salivating ever since he heard about the Wolverine movie - his favorite character! We may end up going to see it at a theater, since he wants to do the big-screen thing. (Funny, we've been together 12 years, and have never gone to the movies...)