[knitting] Fug the Rainbow

Noro Socks

Pattern: No pattern per se. These were toe-up (following these instructions) and rather than a short-row heel, I went for a heel flap (following these instructions) this time.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock

Needles: US 2

Notes: Hate the yarn. Hate the socks. Hate the way they feel on. Hate the fact that there was a knot that broke the color progression. You can see they matched until I got to the heel flap, then I had to start over at pink.


Joansie said...

The socks are still pretty. Have you tried rinsing them in hair conditioner. I'm told that makes the yarn much softer.

I love the colorways of Noro but not sure why they are so popular as everyone complains about the knots and the roughness of the yarn. And..........it's not cheap!!1

Sara said...

Oh, boy - I have some of that sock yarn...now I am wondering if I want to make them. I have several different types of Noro!

I've heard people complain about the roughness...but, what exactly do you hate about it???? Other than the knot which would tick me off too...

gayle said...

Well, they are pretty, anyway. I've never tried Noro yarn - love the colors, but the price gives me the screaming-meemies - that, plus I've never really heard anything good about it.
I've used the heel from Knitty's Widdershins sock several times. I don't like short-row heels, and Widdershins gives a nice heel-flap for toe-ups.

amy said...

I hate the way they feel on. They're quite sturdy and I'll probably just use them when I'm shoveling snow or snowshoeing. They aren't really the type lounge around and relax in. For me, anyway.