[misc] How to attract unwanted attention at the dump.

This past weekend my sister offered to bring some of my black bags of garbage to the dump for me. We were all together for our weekly LOST episode...

AMY: You don't have to. The bags are big.

SIS: How big are they?

AMY: Like, as big as a person.

DOLLAR: [chokes on whatever he's drinking]

SIS: Oh, you have the big bags.

AMY: Yeah.

DOLLAR: [covers his face, shoulders start to shake]

AMY: What is the matter with you?

DOLLAR: [openly laughing] Do me a favor and don't ever describe a black garbage bag as 'big enough to fit a person' again.

AMY: Hm, I see what you mean.

DOLLAR: When you go to the dump and the guy asks you how many bags you have, don't say "Three bags- each one the size of a person!"

AMY: I get it. I didn't-


Maybe I'll come up with stickers that say "Does not contain people" to stick to the outside of the bag. So as to avert any suspicion.

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gayle said...

I was smiling all through this, but the stickers part knocked me out of my chair from laughing so hard!