[knitting] Felted Clogs

My clogs are done:

Felted Clogs

Felted Clogs

Felted Clogs

They are comfortable and warm. They took 30 minutes to felt in the washing machine. I used two separate delicate bags, one marked with a bit of yarn on the zipper so that I'd make sure I wasn't just checking the same clog over and over again.

in separate garment bags

Obligatory unfelted clogs with foot shot:

before felting

These clogs took a full week to dry. I felted them down to the size that seemed to fit right (repeatedly trying on hot wet wool was probably the worst part of the whole process), then I pressed out as much water as I could, reshaped the clogs and stuffed them with wadded-up plastic grocery bags.

I've got little suede patches to sew onto the bottom to make them non-skid, but I've been wearing them around in the meantime. I think they're a little too long, so I plan on making a women's medium size to see if that works out better. Also, they're not really SLIP on. I like slippers that you can slip into as you're shuffling around the house. These you do have to slip your foot into, then pull the heel up and over your heel. Maybe for the next pair I'll make the contrasting cuff much shorter?


Shelby said...

was that a free pattern you found somewhere, or did you have to buy it? I want to make some...

amy said...

It's a Fiber Trends pattern: AC-33. I got my pattern at Country Woolens for $6 or so.

Anonymous said...

I really like the contrast color, and the "lip" it provides. Could you knit a complete round in the cc and then bind of the back portion, but continue the front?
So you'd still get the same look for the front, but perhaps be slip on?

amy said...

Binding off to make a shorter back cuff is a good idea. It might take a little fiddling with the pattern but yeah, it's worth a try.