[amy] Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Hope you all had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving. Mine was a little busy. Thursday was, of course, Turkey day but it was also Dollar's birthday. I give him Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game of the Year Edition and he has since been locked in the game room with it. The world in the game is really beautiful, I must admit.

Friday morning I was one of the crazy people that got up pre-dawn to do some Black Friday shopping. I really couldn't resist the sale on Patons Classic Merino Wool that the craft store was having: 50% off PLUS 20% off all your purchases at the checkout counter. It was still dark out and there were tons of people out shopping. It was eerie because while the store was crowded with people, no one was talking. It was too early in the morning (6:30am) to be chatty. I sleepily got my yarn- 10 balls of heathered gray (more than enough for a sweater) which would normally be $60, for only $24. I went home and get back into bed. Later, Dollar wouldn't believe me when I said I got up, went out shopping and was back in bed before 7am. He never even woke up.

Friday afternoon I had knitting girls come over to make ornaments, drink hot cider, knit and watch Ratatouille. That night, Dollar and I went up to my sister's to play Scene It. I always get screwed over with these games. Take this for example:

Amy gets a My Play and is instructed to name the movie based on the picture. It's a picture of a house with Christmas lights and some cars (one of them red) in the driveway. She says, "Um.. Um.. Um... Meet the Fockers." She's wrong. It's Old School.

Barbara is next. She gets a My Play and is instructed to name the movie based on the picture. It's a picture of a nice RV. She says, "Uh...." and looks at Amy. "That's- That's Meet the Fockers." She's right. Amy tears apart a nearby throw pillow.

Saturday evening I went to a Soup Swap. We played a quick game of Tsuro to decide who got to pick first. I liked this game. It was not too combative with just four people playing. I shudder to think what would happen if eight people played at once. I didn't stay to watch Twin Peaks because I hadn't seen Dollar all day and wanted to hang with him.

Sunday was quiet. I worked more on the Yoke Pattern Jacket. I'm approaching the end of the right front, but I'm not going to be able to knit two sleeves this week. Oh well. I'll just be happy when I get to work on something else besides this jacket of DOOM love.


Shelby said...

CRAP...was that sale at Northern Nights, or the place in White River? I can't believe I missed it...what a bummer.

Sorry I didn't make knitting on Friday, btw. I had to deal with some last-minute crap on Friday afternoon before I went to work. I was a pissed-off bunny when I realized I wasn't going to have time to make it down to knit!!!

amy said...

That sale was actually at Joanns on 12-A. I think they're the only ones around here that carry Patons yarn.

That's okay about Friday. I have PLENTY of leftover ornament making stuff, so maybe I'll have another weekend afternoon knitting thing at my place soon.