[amy] What to name the penguin?

SCENE: AMY returns home from having just checked the mail. There is a large box that she opens. She pulls out an adorable humidifier shaped like a penguin. Pleased with how adorable it is, she brings it upstairs to show DOLLAR.

AMY: Knock, knock. Look! That humidifier came! Isn't it adorable?

DOLLAR: Aw, it's a penguin.

AMY: Yes. They had frogs and pigs and cows, but this was the cutest.

AMY sits in the recliner with the penguin on her lap like a pet while Dollar continues his video game.

DOLLAR: Some people stopped by when you were out.

AMY: Oh?

DOLLAR: Yeah, I went down the stairs and saw a couple guys at the front door. A couple well dressed guys.

AMY: Mormons?

DOLLAR: Mormons.

AMY: What did you do?

DOLLAR: They started asking me all these questions, like 'Do I believe in God?'

AMY: And?

DOLLAR: And I was like, "Listen guys, let's just agree to disagree."

AMY: Hmn.

DOLLAR: One of them was named was Norman.

AMY: A Mormon named Norman stopped by?

DOLLAR: He was wearing a name tag that said Elder Norman.

AMY: Are you sure it didn't say "Elder Mormon"?

DOLLAR: It said Elder Norman.

AMY: Elder Norman the Mormon?


AMY: ...


AMY: Well, I think we should name the penguin Norman the Mormon.

DOLLAR: Norman the Mormon Penguin Humidifier.

AMY: Yes.


AMY: Come help me set him up.

In the bedroom, DOLLAR sets up the base on top of a dresser while AMY fills the body with cold water in the bathroom. Together, they assemble NORMAN and turn him on. Cool vapors begin to blow out NORMAN'S beak.


AMY: I'm going to knit him a yamaka. With a little pom-pom on top.

DOLLAR: That would be so cute.


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