[amy] Whedoniverse

Is "holiday season" already? The grocery store (which was playing Christmas music) was PACKED this weekend. I asked one of the meat guys what's up with that and he answered, "Thanksgiving." Already? I ran a cart around BJ's and Shaw's in a very Supermarket Sweep fashion, trying to get in and out as fast as possible. And driving around 12-A? I later told Dollar that if I had a pistol, I would have been combat driving with one hand while haphazardly firing out the window with the other.

Progress is coming along slowly on the Yoke Pattern Jacket. The back is done and the left front has begun. I've committed myself to not knit on anything else until November is over but I'm still working on other stuff- like felting Dollar's clogs and buying supplies from the craft store to make these ornaments.

I recently read Identity Crisis. Dollar bought it for me at Carnage. I usually steer away from the spandex comics. I don't know that much history about The Green Lantern, Green Arrow, or even Wonder Woman. This story, though, was SO well written. It was amazing. Really.

I just picked up Season 8 of Buffy. Season 8, you say? How is that possible? Well, it's in comic form: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Volume 1: The Long Way Home. This was excellent as well. I love that Joss Whedon is writing it and I can hear all the distinct character's voices again. I also like that the story picks up in the middle of stuff. The next volume probably won't be out until the middle of next year. :(

I've been borrowing and watching Angel because I apparently don't want to leave the Whedoniverse. Ever.


Shelby said...

firefly...FIREFLY!! :)

I have the set...I bust it out about once a month, on average. I heart Joss Whedon.

amy said...

We have Firefly and Serenity. I don't love those as much as Buffy/Angel- probably because I didn't get to know the characters all that well. Plus, I hated the space slut right from the start.

Shelby said...

I gotta admit that Alan Tudyk was 75% of why I loved Firefly. He's just...Alan Tudyk. What's not to love!

amy said...

Alan Tudyk! I liked him in Arrested Development and Knocked-Up. He's so funny!