[cooking] Asparagus, Leek, Prosciutto Quiche: First Attempt

I enjoy making quiche. It's easy, versatile, and everyone likes it. I've never met anyone who said, "Quiche? You mean fluffy egg in a flakey crust? With maybe some cheese and meat in the filling? Ew!"

For this one, I threw in some things I had languishing around the fridge: 6 stalks of asparagus, three good-sized leeks, and a few slices of prosciutto. My tried-and-true quiche recipe came out WRONG on many levels.

1. I rinsed the asparagus, sliced them in half and put them into the crust (over a single layer of Swiss cheese). Rookie mistake: they were still a little wet from the rinse. I need to make sure they are dry dry dry next time because the extra water hindered the middle of the quiche setting properly.

2. I used three leeks. THIS WAS TOO MANY. Next time I'll only used one. AND I'll sauté them a little first, to soften them up. They were not palatable even after 50 minutes of baking. AND you know how dirty they can be, so they got a good washing which added more unnecessary water to filling.

3. Prosciutto. Prosciutto is always good but may not be right for this recipe. Everything in a quiche filling tends to be soft but this meat is so salted and sliced so thin, that my ribbon slices were like little strips of leather. I might slice the prosciutto into chiffonade next time and if that doesn't work, I will leave it all together and switch to bacon.

Looks so much better than it tasted.

This was my attempt to make an upscale Ham & Onion quiche. People like a little pretentious food every now and then but this had me saying, "Down with gourmet food! This tastes weird! I want a quiche with cubes of ham and diced yellow onion! What's so wrong with that?" I'll see if I can get this recipe right and then have a taste test to compare it to a simple Ham & Onion quiche. Oh, and once I get it right, I'll post the recipe.


Shelby said... always sounds to me like a really elegant french way of telling someone to get bent...*giggles*

It's sad to think that something that looks THAT good was inedible. The picture makes my mouth water!

kaszeta said...

Actually, I think I *have* said
"Quiche? You mean fluffy egg in a flakey crust? With maybe some cheese and meat in the filling? Ew!"

But, then again, I don't like eggs.

amy said...

Oh, YOU'RE the one that doesn't like quiche. Huh.

Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing you order eggs when you review diners for your Offbeat Eats. Huh. That's so strange.

New challenge: Eggless quiche? MMmm, it'll be tofulicious!