[knitting] Tam #3 for 2007

I have completed another tam for my mom. I made her a red one, which she wore every day. She then asked to borrow my blue one for a while because wearing the same thing every day was getting monotonous. She asked me so meekly, like she was asking to take away my child or something. I told her she could have it because I wasn't really wearing it and I only knit it to try a couple new techniques (rolled brim w/ 1x1 ribbing; gored decreases for the crown).

So elated was she that I decided to knit another for her. I was going to have a boring 4-day weekend after getting my wisdom teeth extracted and thought that was plenty of time to complete a tam. I showed her some light heathery green in my stash and she said, "Yeah. I... like it. Maybe the next one can be black? Black goes with everything." I looked in my stash and found 4 small balls of Elann Baby Cashmere in pewter that I originally intended to make gloves with but, let's face it, a tam would be so much easier and faster than gloves.

Pattern: Basic Tam from Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. Rolled brim w/ 1x1 ribbing; spiral crown.

Yarn: Elann Baby Cashmere, Color 9295 Pewter, doubled up, 4 balls

Needles: U.S. #5 16" circ. & dpn

Gauge: 6st/in

Mods: The decreases for the spiral crown say "decrease 6 st every other round". I thought that was strange because for the gored effect you had to decrease 12 st every other round and this seemed like the perfect amount. I knit and knit and decreased 6 st every other round and the crown slooooooooly decreased. So slowly, in fact, that I realized I was knitting my mother a big rasta cap. I ripped back and decided to decrease 6 st EVERY round. That was just right (following a moderately aggressive wash/block).


Kelly said...

Great job on the tam!

Shelby said...

the decrease is nifty and swirly. Makes me want to try it with sections of color, so that they wrap around along the decreases like a soft-serve icecream cone...:)