[knitting] Do over

After using up nearly 3 balls of yarn, I decided to rip my Lace Nightie back. All the way. Completely un-doing 15 hours of knitting.

So sad.

I knew my gauge was going to be a little off because I was knitting with larger needles. That combined with knitting the largest size meant I was making something that was clearly too big. I started to look at what I was growing from my needles and thought, "This is... big. Is it too big? It looks really big." I put all the live stitches onto some cotton yarn and "tried it on". I could have hoola-hooped with it. Not sexy.

I got my ball-winder out and was able to un-do the whole thing in 4 minutes. 15 hours of work, gone, in 4 minutes. Dollar sat nearby remarking on how cool and fast my ball-winder is. Then he saw my eyes glittering with tears and decided that consoling me might be a better idea.

So I cast on immediately with a new ball, knit a few rows, realized I made a mistake somewhere and ripped back AGAIN. Dollar watched apprehensively as I gently laid down my needles and yarn, preparing for me to go apeshit or break down or something. I crawled into bed, picked up my comic book and started reading.

Mind you, all of this happened on Saturday.

Sunday morning, I turned on Return of the King, cast on for the smaller size, knit CAREFULLY, and finally got back into the flow of the lace nightie. By Sunday night I was halfway to where I was when I ripped the thing. The knitting is going faster without 4 lace repeats.

Anyway, it's frustrating and sad but I'd rather do the thing right.


Shelby said... that you had to rip it...but it will be worth it once you get it done and it actualy fits and doesn't look like the pastel Easter version of the Big Apple Circus tent...:D

Mark has learned to duck and run when I start having to rip stuff back during knitting. He takes HIS comic books and goes to bed to

Kelly said...

That's terrible! Well on the bright side, at least if will fit right!

Nicole said...

It will be worth it when you have something that fits like you want it.