[vermont] Someone put out an APB, this is serious!

More shocking/horrifying news from The Green Mountain State.

Shit, if I knew there was so many nice flowers up around Burlington, I'd go up there to steal flowers (instead of from my mom's poperty down the road). Hey, I have an idea on how to catch the botanical culprit... Why not wait to see who's yard has all kinds of new, pretty flowers in it. Huh? Also, why are people getting so pissed off about it? Shouldn't everyone be enjoying earth's laughter (a.k.a. flowers)? If it was me, I'd put a sign up in my yard that said, "Dear Flower-Digger-Upper, Knock on the front door and ask me for some of my flowers. I'll give them to you but let's talk first."


Bill said...

Ha! I had not heard of this dastardly crime spree. I used to live a block from the intersection in question. I linked to you.

Bill said...

woops, here is that link... so confused.