[amy] A long, tiring weekend

There’s something cool over at Illegal Art:

Wizard People, Dear Reader is an unauthorized re-envisioning of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, by Brad Neely. To experience it, viewers need to get a copy of the first Harry Potter movie and watch it with the sound off, replacing Neely's narration with the original soundtrack.

I read about it at The New York Times and it’s meant to be really funny. So, I downloaded it and burned it onto a couple cd’s (before it’s taken off the net forever), hoping I’d get the chance to listen to it over the long weekend. No such luck.

Thursday was Jason’s birthday. I got him some back issues and a year subscription to Counter magazine. Barbara got him a couple Japanese pop cd’s and a whole crapload of gardening tools. In an effort to make his gift-getting more work, we devised a poor scavenger hunt for him to follow. Little notes like “Look at your new tool/Isn’t it cool? The next one’s not soft like a pillow/Go up to the weeping willow” were stuck to the tools and placed in various locations outside the house. “Can you use the next one to cook?/Better go check out the brook!” Pretty lame but it was worth it to see him running back and forth while we screamed, “You have five minutes to find them all or else you don’t get to keep any of them!!” Then we went to see the new Harry Potter movie (second time for me).

Friday was a gov’t holiday in memory of Reagan. I spent the say looking at paint chips for my new place, washing walls/floors, spackling and moving heavy-ass furniture in.

Saturday morning was spent sanding all the spackle spots flat. Half-way done, I realized there was no need to spackle so much. Sure, fill in the holes where nails had been driven in and try to cover-up cracks but I had gone overboard. Then I vacuumed all the white power and went to buy primer and paint. I planned on painting the dining room and living room “firemist” but one silly gallon of paint costs $30.00. I call that highway robbery. I tried taping edges around the dining room where I didn’t want to get paint but the tape was total crap and kept falling off. My sister was helping me out and at one point (after the tape had fallen and gotten in the way of the primer for the 20th time, I said, “Fuck this shit! I don’t even give a shit anymore! Let’s not paint this shit I don’t care stupid fucking tape can’t stay up and I don’t fucking want to do this anymore!” Somehow me managed to get through priming the room and went back up to her house to take a break for a few hours. Later, I went down with masking tape and applied that to all the trim. Much better. My sister came down to help with the “firemist” paint. Finishing up at 10pm, it ended up looking good. The paint bled a little under the tape but I’m going to do the trim in “apple crisp” so it doesn’t really matter.

Sunday morning, as we were heading to the grocery store to get supplies for Jason’s birthday party, we stopped by my place to see how the paint looked with sunlight streaming into the room. Yeah… not so good. You can tell I did the cutting in and you can tell I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. My sister said no one will notice but me. Hel-lo? I’m the one living there so I’ll notice all the time. I don’t see how that’s meant to make me feel better. But the birthday party was nice. A lot of people came over and there was enough food for everyone. It ended up being a really nice day, as well.

No time for Wizard People, Dear Reader tonight, either. When? When???


Kari said...

Did you buy a place or are you just renting? Maybe if you are renting, your landlord and take the cost pf the paint off of your rent....

amy said...

Well, the "landlord" [coughSLUMLORDcough] is actually my mother. She's of the "You wanna paint, you pay for it yourself!" mentality. Also the "When you move out, YOU'RE painting it back to white!"

I walked down to the place w/her last night and when she saw it, she said, "Oh no, Amy. No. Oh no. It's gross. How could you? This color is so RED! Oh, *tsk tsk tsk*, no..."