* * *

these noodles
these noodles remind me of you
they speak to me
they told me you're slippery
you cheated on me
they said it was last night
you were with her
you touched her
your noodles all over her
no! NO!
these noodles
these noodles don't lie
not like you, you liar
so i threw the noodles
the bowl of noodles
into the wall
your noodles all over my wall
look at the mess you made
you stupid noodles

my love for you
is dehydrated
like these dry little mushrooms
'just add water'
just add water to my heart, baby
and maybe
maybe i'll love you again
my dehydrated love

you taste like
anchovy cabbage spit
you're magical
like that wizard
the one that does
that stuff
you waste my precious time
your unanimated anticts
drawing me along your path
to and fro
zig and zag
and i can't find you
you think you're better than me
because you can fly
so fly, fly away
you magical bean
you protein packed morsel
i'll be seeing you again

my love for you
has grown cold
like this cold cold
the thought of putting it
in my mouth
repulses me
like you
you're cold
with your little bits
of carrot
i can't reheat you
my cold love
or you'd explode
but this soup
this soup will keep
another day

* * *

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