[quilting] Country Quilt Progress

The 9-patch squares that I made with 5" charm squares were feeling a little boring to me. I wanted it a bit more "mixed-up". I found a variation in a disappearing 9-patch that I thought would work with my squares:

Nine-patch squares

Cut away strips from the outside:

Nine-patch squares - cut up

And switch them up randomly:

Nine-patch squares- mixed up.

One thing I had to do before cutting the original 9-patches up is trim away the excess thread from the first round of sewing:

A lot of wasted thread after trimming ends from the nine squares. Going to try using leaders and enders to sew scraps between regular sewing.

That's a lot of wasted thread! I joined the quilting group on Ravelry and someone mentioned leaders and enders. It was a revelation- sew scraps between the pieces you're working on and you inadvertently ending up making another quilt at the same time!

My sister was destashing some fabric and gave me a ton of pre-cut squares.

Misc squares to randomly pair off... all precut and given to me by my sister. Just had to press them a bit. ❤️💛💚💙💜 These will be my leaders/Enders while sewing. #quilting #charmquilt

I simply had to press them a bit and randomly match up pairs. I've been using these as leaders/enders while I resew the 9-patches. I've done SO many so far.

Anyway, after much cutting and sewing and pressing and trimming, all the new blocks are squared-up:

All my squares mixed up and squared up. Time to cut sashing and cornerstones. #quilting

I even cut the sashing and cornerstones:

These blue cornerstones are the last squares from the charm packs. Using it all up!

The top is getting closer and closer to being finished. Then I'll drop it off at Barnyard Quilting to be professionally finished.

I'm already planning the next quilt...

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