[knitting] Bumblebee Dress

The little sister dress was so cute, I decided to make another- this time with DK-weight yarn.  I made the 12-month-old size and with the heavier yarn/bigger needles, it worked up rather quickly to a 2-year-old size.

Black and yellow bumblebee dress (with bumblebee buttons). #knitting #littlesisterdress

I saw some very cute versions of this Little Sister's dress on Ravelry- using two colors for the top bodice. I thought back and yellow bumblebee colors would be cute. I had to work the purl and knit bands in 4 rows each (rather than 3) to avoid blips of color appearing on the front from the purl stitches. That's okay- it just ended up making the top a bit larger.

I used stash yarn- the black I've had kicking around for ages (was going to make a double knit cap for Dollar) and the yellow was from a misc grab bag that a friend gave me. Both are machine washable. 

Again, fiddly but cute little buttons:

Bee Buttons

The black yarn kind of collects dust and fur like crazy. I had to take a lint roller to the dress before wrapping. I say my sister should just put it on my niece and let her roll/crawl all over the house- then your dusting is done.

I would happily make this pattern again, in a even smaller size with worsted yarn and larger needles- for an even faster project. 

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