[cooking] Challah

This month's King Arthur Flour bakealong recipe is challah. I've never made a braided bread before but it turned out great!


It does take a while- each rise was about 2 hours for me- bit it was worth it. 

After the initial 6-strand braid (thank goodness they linked to a video of someone doing this, so I could follow along):


After the 2nd rise and brushed with egg wash:



Challah - baked

Lovely and tasty. Definitely a weekend project, since it takes so long. I've heard good things about turning leftover slices into french toast. Next time- this disappeared before I had to start looking for ways to use it up.


Ellen Bloom said...

The bread of my childhood!! Yours turned out beautifully! Very Professional! Yes, Challah French Toast with the leftover bread is really delicious!

amy said...

I love all the Jewish recipes I'm trying for the first time from King Arthur Flour's Bakealong challenges- babka, rugelach, challah. I'm waiting for a hamentachen challenge!